Re: NIU is down UFN...

I'll just throw my two cents in here..and if you remember my posts
from my NSBF/NMSU days you know what I am going to say.

If you are a small department without a Linux guru, or without
Unix experience,  read these messages and strongly consider
Unidata's recommendations (I've seen Anne reiterate these recently)
and stick with Solaris Intel on Intel boxes.  I know Linux is pushed
and hyped quite a bit lately especially in academia, but if you
aren't very Unix/Linux savvy and want something that will
work every time, and will guarantee binary compatibility with
upgrades, stick with Solaris.

I was in the boat 3 years ago of having to come up to speed quickly
on Unix and have something that was set it and forget..I and tried
both and have never regretted the Solaris choice.

Note that I am not putting down Linux (it certainly has it's place)
but merely pointing out that Solaris for many reasons is a
superior choice for many people.   People that many times
get no opportunity to hear about it..

Good luck Gilbert..

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