Re: Red Hat 7.x

On Fri, 27 Apr 2001, Brad Teale wrote:

> I have not checked into this, but it comes from a reliable source.
> Supposedly Red Hat release 7.x with a version of the gcc compiler that is
> not supported and not released to the public.  Red Hat was able to do this
> because they own part of the gcc compiler team.  So, I would not use RH 7.x
> until they get a supported compiler again.

FYI, I've been running RH7.0 in-house here with ldm 5.1.3 and gempak 5.6.a
and have had no problems.  The only thing I've had problems with is NFS 2
which upgrades to NFS 3 in RH7.1.  I'll be trying RH7.1 on another system
soon so thanks for the reports.


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> >From what I can tell, the new 2.4 Linux kernel does NOT like the new LDM.
> My LDM is down until the errors I am getting get fixed. Be warned...if you
> are thinking about upgrading to Linux RH 7.1. They say there are bugs with
> the kernel on their errata page, and "a new one will be released shortly".
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