Re: Red Hat 7.x

In a previous message to me, you wrote: 

 >I have not checked into this, but it comes from a reliable source.
 >Supposedly Red Hat release 7.x with a version of the gcc compiler that is
 >not supported and not released to the public.  Red Hat was able to do this
 >because they own part of the gcc compiler team.  So, I would not use RH 7.x
 >until they get a supported compiler again.

This is true for virgin RH7.0, but there is an update out that
fixes any backward compatibility problems. I'm running gcc version
2.96.69 and while I'm not compiling the ldm, I have not had any
problems compiling anything else.

BTW, RH 7.1 is now out too, I'd imagine after the 7.0 fiasco
that they are using something more compatible by default this time.


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