Meteora (Probably) Dependable Again

We appear to have "cured" the portmapper problems that was experiencing. It has been stable ever since we "fixed" it on Friday. Anyone who wants to feed from meteora can (probably) change back at this time.

The problem appears to have been an unannounced incompatibility problem with the new license manager files for IDL and the older version of FLM that we were running. For reasons I have absolutely no intention of trying to understand, FLM needs the portmapper to do whatever IDL wants to have done.

We have reconfigured the FLM and the IDL "unfortunatenesses" have disappeared. Trouble shooting was fairly simple. That was the only thing we had changed on the system between times the LDM ran properly and the LDM having fits. Ergo, if it was something we did, that was it.



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