IP address change has acquired a new ip address while it has been changed to
a new server.
OLD ip  :
NEW ip  :
i just made the changes to the authoritative dns servers here at the
school about an hour ago.
I have the reverse lookup on both ip addresses pointing to  So if you go by name, you shouldn't be too concerned.
But if you have your entries by IP address please take note of the change.
by monday I should hopefully be feeding off everyone thru the new server
then as right now I have the new feeding off of the old server.
Thank you for your time and email me back for any questions.

David B. Bukowski               |email (work):          bukowski@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Network Analyst                 |email (personal):      davebb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
College of Dupage               |pager:                 (630) 266-7775
Glen Ellyn, Illinois            |work phone:            (630) 942-2591             |ICQ#:                  46516655

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