RE: LDM -> Database (mysql)???

> I was wondering if anyone had tried to interface LDM into a database
> program? I was thinking of embarking on trying
> to have LDM interface with mysql ( a free database software
> package) and have it database all of the WMO products.

What I was working on about 3 months ago (with Postgres) was to database
the WMO header, location and size into a database table.  Use this as a
pointer to the data on disk.  Dumping all the data into the Database
requires expensive cleanup routines and I figured it was easier to use
the database as a quick lookup to data on disk rather than dumping the
data into the database.  This might be easier with Oracle or other
$500,000 databases which might have better garbage collection.  In other
words, I was using the database in the same fashion I use header files
in WXP.

As for surface data, it is more regular and I played around with dumping
about 10 fields into the database and keeping a pointer to the last 24
hours worth of data.  I just started this work but never got to the
point I was populating the database so I don't know about the

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> Hi all,
> Just wanted to see if it had been done before..
> Thanks!
> Mike Dross
> mwdross@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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