problem with meteora..<br>

Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 13:02:55 -0700
From: Mike Leuthold <leuthold@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: lriddle@xxxxxxxx
Subject: problem with meteora..

        I'm getting a error from meteora and am unable to feed from it...

Apr 19 20:04:21 nimbus meteora[2442]: FEEDME( can't contact portmapper: RPC: 1832-008 Timed out
Mike Leuthold
Atmospheric Sciences/Institute of Atmospheric Physics
University of Arizona

We're having unknown problems with Systems feeding from meteora may want to switch over to their alternates. No possible "get well" estimates at this time.

We're totally baffled. Scripts that used to run just fine (up to and including midnight last night) won't run properly today. Systems that used to nfs mount disks from meteora (until sometime last night) error out complaining about "nfsd not responding: RPC: Port mapper failure" (nimbus is complaining about the RPC in the message above).

I can telnet to meteora from some systems, but not from others. Is this a clue? Have we perhaps been hacked?

We've tried everything that has occurred to us so far with no joy. My systems administrator is thinking of doing an IPL on the OS. Anyone have any ideas? (OBTW: meteora is a DEC Alpha running Digital Unix v4.0B.) Any ideas at all?

Grabbing at straws would be an improvement to sitting here feeling stupid.


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