Re: weird problem


If you have reason to suspect or would like to verify the integrity of
your operating system binaries (or files), you can check those out at;


where Sun has a database of md5 checksums for almost all the Solaris 2.x
files they've ever released.


On Apr 2,  9:47pm, Robert Mullenax wrote:
> Subject: Re: weird problem
> ls works everywhere but those directories..but I'll try that.
> I tried to turning off NFS,  (unshareall) but that didn't help.
> Thanks for the tips.
> Robert
> Jeff Masters wrote:
> >
> > My only guess is that the "ls" binary is corrupt or your machine has been
> > hacked into and someone has messed with the ls binary. Try copying over
> > an ls binary from another machine running the same OS and see if it works.
> > You might also turn off all NFS mounts and see if ls works then.
> >
> > ...