Data outage

To all our downstream users.  
We had problems with our feed late yesterday and I thought that we had this 
taken care of.  After leaving at 01:00 last night got in late this morning and 
found data was down again.  
I have been able to get feed going again as of 13:53Z.

Sorry for any trouble this may have caused.


Bill Cottrill                   |     Anything you do is worth doing    
Weather Station Manager         |     well. If you do your best, 99%
Coordinator Academic Programs   |     of the time you will perform
Department of Meteorology       |     beyond the expectation. Chances
Florida State University        |     are if you even attempt the 
Phone:  (850) 644-8581          |     task you will perform beyond 
Fax:    (850) 644-9642          |     the expectation these days.

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