20010309:DIFAX FEED

LDM users, 

Some confusion about the DIFAX feedtype (FT16), and its distribution has
prompted this letter.

The DIFAX feed should follow the FOS (Family of Services) feed topology.

If you are feeding data downstream we encourage you to request DIFAX from
your FOS primary feed, in addition to what else you are requesting, so you
carry the full suite of products available. This does not affect the
NEXRAD topology.

Thank you,

____________________________                  _____________________
Jeff Weber                                    jweber@xxxxxxxx
Unidata Support                               PH:303-497-8676 
NWS-COMET Case Study Library                  FX:303-497-8690
University Corp for Atmospheric Research      3300 Mitchell Ln
http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/staff/jweber      Boulder,Co 80307-3000
________________________________________      ______________________

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