Future data on NOAAPORT...

Hello all,

I just wanted to share some stuff with you, in case you haven't heard

It has been revealed that over the next year and a half, the NOAAPORT
plans are for the service to be expanded to 5 channels, with the 4th
channel being upgraded from a half T1 to a full T1 (1.44 MB/sec). With
that, the NWS plans to add all ~80 products from each WSR-88D, and add a
ton more model data, especially ensembles. According to what was said at
the AMS meeting, radar products will be added and "then we'll see if
NOAAPORT breaks", is how the NWS put it. No timetable was mentioned as to
when new WSR-88D products will be added.

The Napster free-for-all ends this weekend, likely tomorrow (CNN breaking
story), but that won't reduce many schools' bandwidth usage. I'm just
curious if anyone has an idea how we're going to handle all of this? Does
this mean each school might have to eventually purchase their own NP
system, using others as a backup?

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