Re: pqing stopped inserting when downstream requested feed

Hi folks...this seems to be similar to what I've been dealing with.  We 
have a Alden noaaport system, and we're running 5.1.2 on a x86 solaris 
box, with pqing feeding (WMO) from a socket connection.  Every 3-5 days 
or so, everything crash/core or anything, but everything 
stops.  I've been emailing with Anne Wilson at Unidata about this (see 
the support-ldm email archive if you'd like the gory details).  The best
we've come up with so far is possible noise on the line, or a binary
gets fed when ldm expects text, or something with the socket connection.
_From the previous emails, it seems to me that the socket stuff is the 
prime suspect at this point.  Anyone feeding directly from noaaport and
*not* using a socket connection, and having similar problems??

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