Re: pqing stopped inserting when downstream requested feed


I too am ingesting NOAAPORT data using the pqing -P  <port number> directly
from our Unisys NOAAPORT
Receive System.  I have occasional, unexplained problems with the pqing
just stopping, not receiving data via the socket.
Although I haven't related it to another LDM feeding from this system. In
fact, if I am correct the pqing has little
to do with feeding downstream sites, rather the rpc.ldm  does much of that,
I believe.

 I am running 3 different pqing processes, with the NRS system filtering
the  WMO headers to mimic the Unidata
feed types for compatibility.  I am running Linux Mandrake 7.1 on this
system, but the problem also occurred on our
AIX 4.3 RS/6000 when I tested on that platform a few months ago, so I don't
think the problem is platform specific.

 * DDPLUS|IDS feed type
 * HDS feed type
 * NNEXRAD feedtype

Almost always 1 will quit while the others continue.  I have felt like the
problem is more likely with the Unisys NRS software, thats
why I haven't brought it to the attention of the LDM users.  But it sounds
like you may be having a similar problem. What type of
NRS system are you using?

I have had much better success when I run just 1 pqing process and ingest
everything as WMO.  But this
doesn't suit our current environment.

There may be a bug in the way pqing handles socket connections?  I would
curious to know how Unidata is
feeding there top level relay sites from the NRS systems? If they are using
the socket connection?

If I figure anything out from this end I will pass it along.

Mike Dross
Duke Energy

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Good Evening,

We are requesting a NOAAPort feed using pqing -P <port number> on a ldm
server that serves this data to downstream ldm hosts.

Today, when the downstream ldm server started requesting a feed from the
upstream ldm server, one of the pqing processes (importing the NWSTG
channel) mysteriously died. I attached a copy of the two ldmd log files.

Both machines are running ldm-5.1.3. The upstream server is a FreeBSD
(version 4.2) box.  The downstream server is a Solaris/x86 box (version 8).

There appears to be a problem with the product queue on the upstream ldm

Has anyone experienced any problems similar to this problem?

Thank you in advance for any assistance,


Jessica M. Thomale
Oklahoma Climatological Survey
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(See attached file: ldmd.log.downstream)
(See attached file: ldmd.log.upstream)

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