Current NOAAPORT Grib Inventory & CDL files

I sent this request a couple months back and didn't get any satisfactory 

I'm setting up GRIB decoding to netCDF files using gribtonc.  I need to know

    a)  What are the current header patterns for each model on the IDD?
    b)  What are the correct .cdl files for each model?

I did get a somewhat out-of-date (1998) list from my first request. Does anyone
have an up-to-date header & cdl list?

Also, has anyone made a CDL files for the new (I think new?) GRIB messages that
have header tags ....\mETA_84?  I tried creating one from the Unidata 
eta.cdl and eta212.cdl, but have not yet been successful.

Help greatly appreciated.

Peter Neilley