Re: receiving and converting NOAAPort satellite data


I don't know if anyone has responded and I've been busy moving 30 inches
of snow! However, you shouldn't have to convert them to McIDAS area
format. McIDAS can handle them as they come in. Tom Yoksas set my ADDE
up to access the files directly from our NOAAPORT ingestor's hard

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"Jason J. Levit" wrote:
>   Hi all,
>   We've got a new NOAAPort system here at OU, and soon I'll be able to
> receive satellite data through the system.  Does anyone have examples of
> pqact.conf entries to grab the GOES satellite data from the stream?
> And, I need to convert those data files into McIDAS area format files.
>   I've been searching through the documentation, and have found some
> leads to help.  But, I thought I might cut a few corners and tap the
> user base; is anyone out there doing this?  Thanks for any information
> or help!
>   Jason Levit
> --
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Jason J. Levit, N9MLA                      Research Scientist,
> jlevit@xxxxxx                Center for Analysis and Prediction of
> Storms
> Room 1022                                 University of Oklahoma
> 405/325-3503                    

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