NIU back up...we apparently have found the problem!

Turns out that a T1 on campus was dropping packets, which in turn was
dropping connections (downstream sites) from my LDM port every 30 seconds.
That generates a new rpc.ldmd process each time a site re-connects, which
eventually overwhelmed the server.

I just got a call a little while ago stating that too much traffic was
going through the T1, and they called the ISP yesterday to throttle it
back, which apparently has solved the problem. Other people on campus were
experiencing serious difficulties as a result of this.

Sorry folks...we will be getting 48 MB/sec more connectivity in a month,
if all goes well. We have the fiber lit, we just need the equipment, which
apparently is in backorder, to get it online. In the meantime, it is safe
to feed from me.

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