It must be Monday...

Hello all,

We interrupt our regular programming to bring you a data outage...

Where to begin. First...I came in this morning and found most of my data
feeds dead or delayed. Our T3 here on campus was down for a half hour
starting around 15:22Z, so that didn't help. U-W Madison's machines that I
can access ( and cannot be
reached. UIUC's is very slow, but flood can be
reached OK. Went to LSU and found down. So, who am I
feeding off of? I haven't got all day to type out individual feeds and
where they're coming from. Just trust me. Smile and nod. :-)

Sorry for the delay and the problems, downstream sites...our T3 is fine
now but numerous sites remain unaccessable to me, for whatever reasons.
But, all my feeds are now back and being relayed in full. Thanks for your
patience. We now return to "Manic Monday" by the Bangles...

Gilbert Sebenste                                                     ********
Internet: gilbert@xxxxxxx    (My opinions only!)                     ******
Staff Meteorologist, Northern Illinois University                      ****
E-mail: sebenste@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                                 ***
web:                                      **
Work phone: 815-753-5492                                                *

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