Reminder - data recovery site at UW-Madison

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 >Eric W. Ribble <eribble@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote...
 > >Has anyone seen any IDS, DDPLUS or HDS data since 1425UTC
 > >this morning?
 >If you're being fed by University of Illinois at Urbana I can tell you that 
 >2/3rds of their campus is without power after a fire/transformer explosion.

Just a reminder for all, and especially those who lost data this AM
due to the UIUC outage.  The AOS department at UW-Madison runs a
data recovery site identical to that maintained at UIUC.

The ftp server is tcp-wrapper protected, so if you'd like to access the
site to recover data when your feed goes down for a while, please email
me with the IP number you'd be coming in from so I can add it.

The archive is at, and the login is iddftp.
Password is the same as the UIUC archive, if you need it please
let me know when you email me your IP number.

There are hourly files of the DDPLUS and HDS feeds that can be
piped directly into your ldm, kind of an instant replay of the
original feed. Instructions are available on the site in the
HOWTO.txt file.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions/problems.


^ Pete Pokrandt                    V 1447  AOSS Bldg  1225 W Dayton St^
^ Systems Programmer               V Madison,         WI     53706    ^
^                                  V      poker@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx       ^
^ Dept of Atmos & Oceanic Sciences V (608) 262-3086 (Phone/voicemail) ^
^ University of Wisconsin-Madison  V       262-0166 (Fax)             ^

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