Re: This is embarrassing to the NWS...

Dear Gilbert,

I understand the frustration that derives from having your contract-
cancellation decision driven by faulty scheduling information, and
I'm sorry that we at Unidata were unable to give better predictions
about the uncertainties that pertained (such as the AWIPS linkages
you reference).

That being said, I want to remind you and other LDM users that
Unidata decided to rely on NOAAport with an awareness of some risk.
Namely, as Bryan pointed out, we have known that NWS decisions about
NOAAport always would be driven _primarily_ by AWIPS needs.  As I
understand it, there was early discussion about the satellite
broadcast being a _closed_ system, so that it could be adapted
quickly to AWIPS needs without concern as to how a larger user base
would be affected.  Hence, I feel quite grateful about the immensely
positive impact the openness of NOAAport has had upon Unidata and
others, and I favor being tolerant in respect to the primary decision
drivers for the data broadcast.

Finally, I think the value of our ldm-users list is greatest if we
use it as a vehicle for problem solving, with a minimum of flames.  I
take pride in Unidata's mutually beneficial relationship with the
NWS, so I ask you and other users of this list to be gentle and
constructive as a rule of thumb.  I think we all will benefit from
that posture...

Best regards,

Dave Fulker
Unidata Program Director
University Corp for Atmospheric Research
Mail:  PO Box 3000
      Boulder, CO 80307-3000  USA
Email: fulker@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Phone: 303-497-8650    Fax: 303-497-8690

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