This is embarrassing to the NWS...


I am a little torqued this morning, and I think for just cause.

The National Weather Service promised us unencrypted NIDS on
NOAAPport on January 1, but it never happened! Just a "well, we hope to
have it up by January 12!". After hyping it up everywhere for months and
months, now they fall silent! I'm sorry, I am slamming the NWS, because
this really does damage their integrity on when we can expect products
from them. Sure, there have been lots of last-minute delays, but they'd
always send out a statement in the past about it. I cancelled the NIDS
portion of my WSI contract on 1/1/2001, expecting unencrypted data by
1/2/2001! Now I'm left hanging, and no peep from the NWS on a solid
date. This is just terrible. Even a simple message of something
like "delayed indefinitely due to technical problems" on December 31 would
have frustrated me, but made me happy to know what to expect and adjust
for it.

Sorry, but I am NOT happy this morning...

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