[idvusers] Vertical Position of Map Data


We are attempting to build a high resolution sat rad composite product for the northeastern US. Instead of using Blue Marble as a basemap, we're using a high res topographic data set. The result is that we need to find a way to shade in the Great Lakes. We've downloaded shape files to deal with the issue.

The bundles/topo data are here:

We've experimented with configuration of the vertical position setting for each product. The bundle is currently set as

topoography data=.1
satellite image=.3
radar image=.4
county map=.5
state map=.5

This configuration results in the lakes not being seen. If we set all of these to .1, the result is that lakes appear, but do not seem realistic as the lakes mask the satellite & radar fields. Is there a way to configure the bundle so that the sat/radar fields plot over the lakes? Should we be trying a different approach with regards to displaying of the lakes?


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