[idvusers] No gridded data found

Hello everyone!

I am having trouble opening a *.nc file using IDV. The error I encounter is " 
No gridded data found". I found some posts about the same problem in the 
idvusers list, but I cannot find a proper solution.

I create a nc file using python 2.7 and netCDF4.1.2.4 module. The dimensions 
and the variables related to them are created this way:

dataout.createDimension('t', None)
dataout.createDimension('y', 361)
dataout.createDimension('x', 720)
dataout.createDimension('z', 1)

lat = self.dataout.createVariable('y', 'f4',( 'y',), zlib=True)
lat.units = 'degrees_north'
lon = self.dataout.createVariable('x', 'f4', ('x',), zlib=True)
lon.units = 'degrees_east'
time = self.dataout.createVariable('t', 'f4', ('t',), zlib=True)
time.units = 'hours'
time.calendar = 'gregorian'
vertical = self.dataout.createVariable('z','f4',('z',),zlib=True)
vertical.units = 'hPa'
vertical.positive = 'down'

Variable filling:
lat[:] = np.arange(-90,90.5,.5)
lon[:] = np.arange(-180,180,.5)
time[:] = 80
vertical[:] = 850

According to ncdump my file has the follow coordinate variable data:
t = 180 ;
z = 850 ;
y = -90, -89.5, -89, -88.5 ...... 85.5, 86, 86.5, 87, 87.5, 88, 88.5, 89, 89.5, 
90 ;
x = -180, -179.5, -179, ...... 178, 178.5, 179, 179.5 ;

Any idea about what could lead to the "no gridded data found" error?

Thank you very much!

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