[idvusers] Parameter aliases in IDV

I'm running into a problem when it comes to aliases. I would like to break
up a system alias, like "TEMP", into two aliases called "TEMP_2M" and
"TEMP_PRES", or something like that. I have a number of model dataset
sources I'm writing jython scripts for, and I would like to be able to
write code to call only, say 2-meter temperature. The problem is, the
system alias TEMP is an alias for both pressure level AND 2D level fields,
like 2-meter (i.e. Temperature_height_above_ground).

If I try to create a new user alias for something like TEMP_2M, I cannot
include "Temperature_height_above_ground", because it is locked into the
system alias "TEMP".  There is no way for the user to change this... either
remove that particular parameter out of the system alias, or override with
the system "TEMP_2M".  There needs to be a way for the user to be able to
totally override the system aliases, if one so chooses.  I run into the
same issue for U and V wind when it comes to pressure level and
non-pressure level fields.  Thanks!

Mike U