[idvusers] Jython for downdraft cape?

Hello idvers.

I don't suppose anyone has idv ready code for this sophisticated diagnostic for 
an ambitious student?

It would involve a loop over all potential downdraft origination levels looking 
for maximum negative area between sounding and moist adiabat.

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From: "Goldstein, Alexander Max" 
Date: November 4, 2013 at 9:18:13 PM EST
To: Brian Mapes <bmapes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:bmapes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>>
Subject: IDV

Hey Dr. Mapes,

I just installed IDV on my laptop and was wondering if you had any idea where I 
could find a bundle that would have a downdraft CAPE parameter within it? I've 
been looking all over for either a pre-made bundle or the code to put into it 
and I'm coming up empty. I figured maybe you have some access to some resources 
that I don't have.

Thanks a lot,