[idvusers] Regional Workshop at Millersville University

Regional workshop reminder - registration closes tomorrow!




Millersville University is pleased to sponsor and host a Unidata
Regional Workshop on October 21-22, 2013. The purpose of this workshop
is to provide introductory and advanced training in the use of Unidata's
Integrated Data Viewer (IDV). The workshop will also include a
presentation and hands-on session showcasing the GEOScience Probe of
Discovery (GEOPOD), a National Science Foundation funded project that
leverages Unidata's IDV to create an interactive 3-D learning
environment where students can navigate a virtual probe through real
geophysical data and actuate devices to explore and discover the atmosphere.

For more information, including registration information, please see the
announcement on the News@Unidata Blog:



Sepi Yalda, Professor of Meteorology, Department of Earth Sciences
Rich Clark, Professor of Meteorology, Department of Earth Sciences
Gary Zoppetti, Associate Professor of Computer Science, Department of
Computer Science