Re: [idvusers] [Monsoon] Synoptics of: Tropical moisture into Colorado

A longer loop with forecast on the end makes clear these cutoff features will 
soon be gone.
Warning, pretty large file sizes.

.mov 80MB file

animated .gif 30MB file

(the IDV bundles that makes those displays are at)<,+and+dataset-attaching+shortcuts/Bundles+that+read+remote+datasets/Boulderflood_synoptics?entryid=9a2500f1-2ab3-4149-9b37-ef089853ca65>


On Sep 14, 2013, at 11:43 PM, Brian Mapes wrote:

Here is a 6-day loop of GFS analyses of Z500, column water vapor, and satellite 
clouds on top.

There seems to be an interlocking relationship among a set of almost-stationary 
cyclones and anticyclones over the western US.
It's not clear that the trouble is over, actually...

Brian Mapes

On Sep 14, 2013, at 5:26 AM, Jerry Meehl wrote:

Some of you have been to Boulder, so I thought I'd show you what four
days of tropical moisture does to a semi-arid location.

We're high and dry at our house, but a lot of Boulder is a mess, and
we've got friends with water in their basements, and one friend who had
to evacuate out of her house in Lyons, the town that's still cut off.
We've measured a storm total at our house over the four days of rain of
13.3".  I thought my gauge was in error, but the NCAR gauge on the Mesa
measured 12.7" over the same period and there's been some spatial
variation in rain totals so I don't think our gauge is that far off.
Recall that average September rainfall in Boulder is only 1.63 inches,
and Boulder's total annual average precipitation is 20.5".   NCAR closed
yesterday and today.  CU even cancelled their home football game
tomorrow, so you know it's serious!

Below is the link below to our flood aftermath photos taken today,
Friday, 9/13.  Most of the water has receded, though Boulder Creek is
still out of its banks in places.  Some of the locations are noted below
in case you're familiar with any of Boulder.  I basically started near
Table Mesa Drive with the aftermath of Bear Creek out of its banks
yesterday afternoon turning the whole street on each side of the creek
into a rushing river (Table Mesa Drive is the street that goes up to
NCAR).  Then down to the Harvest House Hotel near 28th St., and working
west trying to follow Boulder Creek.  I ended up in the Eben Fine Park
area at the mouth of Boulder Canyon (where they have closed the road up
the Canyon due to a rock slide).  The structure damage is from a flash
flood that came down the north side of Flagstaff Mt right above the
park, and as it washed down it not only destroyed several structures,
but closed Arapahoe with tons  of rocks and mud, and wiped out the west
end of Eben Fine park before it dumped into Boulder Creek.  Much of
downtown Boulder had water running through it last night (for those of
you familiar with the town, roughly east of 6th St. and south of Walnut).

locations roughly in sequence in the photos:
Bear Creek and Table Mesa Drive (main road to NCAR closed)
Millennium Harvest House Hotel
CU Married Student Housing
CU practice field parking lot
Boulder High playing fields
Arapahoe and Broadway bike paths
Canyon Street
Eben Fine Park
100 Arapahoe Structure Damage
Broadway and Canyon


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