Re: [idvusers] ISL script examples please? (and dreams)

Hi Brendon-

Thanks for this information. Hopefully it will help others along. A couple of questions/comments:

- did you have to install the old Java 3D library to get this to work with Xvfb? Kevin Tyle has been looking at this for supporting the IDV image generation in RAMADDA, so if you've found a solution without that, we should chat offline. - You could do the annotation in ISL as well - it supports image and text overlays with the <overlay> tag. You can control the font and background color of the text. Is there a reason you are using convert instead?
- you can also create animated gifs with convert using the -loop option.

As Jeff McWhirter used to say - ISL is the most fully documented code in IDV. Glad you found it worked for you.


On 8/28/13 6:31 AM, Brendon Hoch wrote:

I've attached an isl script, shell script, and bundle that I've been
using for the past few months to generate a real time satellite imagery
loop for our mapwall display.  Some notes:

- We're using Centos 5.8 64 bit with plans to move to CentOS 6.x in the
near future.
- Script is scheduled for generation every 30 minutes at :14 & :44 to
give enough time for satellite images to populate on ADDE servers.
- We're using stock Xvfb for a display buffer.  Xvfb runs all the time,
you might need to create a startup script, which you should be able to
find examples of by searching the web based on your linux flavor.
- Historically, 64 bit IDV has had issues generating gifs with Xvfb.
But, it seemed to work ok for generating png files.  So, I convert from
png to gif using Imagemagick's convert command.  I also use Imagemagick
to add nice labels to the image.  I use gifsicle to generate an animated
- I haven't tried generating .mov files because our mapwall display
doesn't use them, but the process should be similar.  The ISL
documentation is actually quite good (the hardest part is finding it!)

Hope this helps,

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