[idvusers] Mail list for Marine Data Literacy; one new exercise released

Dear Students, Colleagues and Marine Resource Publishers,


In a fit of madness, I upgraded my computer this month to a model that
cannot run Outlook Express.  So thanks to the evils of Microsoft, I could
not simply import my organized address files into the shiny new box.  Please
excuse my laziness now in simply joining everybody into a single Marine Data
Literacy (MDL) <http://www.marinedataliteracy.org/>  group.  For several
years now I've sent out notices about new exercises and resources in MDL,
but if you don't want to receive these, please let me know with the reply,
NO THANKS.  Nobody listens to me when I say that, but I'll certainly listen
to you.  


I'm very proud of one new exercise, 2.24 Visualizing High-Density/Small
Coastal Area Environmental Survey Data in Saga
<http://www.marinedataliteracy.org/margis/coast_small.htm> .  It's based on
data from the most recent EMBC classes in Ghent and Faro (many thanks to
them).  Above water, you can see them all at  2013 - University of Algarve
<http://www.marinedataliteracy.org/images/20130301_embc_faro.jpg>  and  2013
- Ghent University
<http://www.marinedataliteracy.org/images/20130503_embc_ghent.png> .  This
exercise addresses common issues faced by marine biologists:  dense data
stations in very small areas, and complex coastline presence.  I hope you
find it useful.


Murray Brown, PhD

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