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For the record, we have been in communication with Jeremy via our support system. Jeremy did discover a bug here where the altitude was not correctly derived in the SkewT JTable when the pressure was expressed in units of Pascals (instead of hPa). The values were showing up as NaNs. Sean and I fixed the code by correctly taking into account the units.

This problem was also manifested in the GFS 2.5 degree data where it has also been fixed.


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On 7/24/13 8:54 AM, Jeremy Martin - NOAA Federal wrote:

I am in the process of creating some soundings off of a set of archived RUC
data , but I have run into a small issue.  The soundings themselves appear
to be created and there is a geopotential altitude display on the cursor
readout, but when I go to the table the Altitude section is a [] (or Nan if
I export it to a CSV in Excel) . I checked in the 3d fields and
geopotential height is available in the data.

I have attached an image of the table and sounding if that helps.

Any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated,

Jeremy Martin
Science and Operations Officer
Goodland, KS

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