Re: [idvusers] Radiosonde data

On 7/12/2013 7:41 PM, Joleen Feltz wrote:

I have a text file of radiosonde data which I would like to compare to COSMIC 
data and other datasets.  I have not plotted local radiosonde data until now, 
and would prefer to display the data much like the COSMIC profile is displayed. 
 In that case, the profile can be displayed on the main display as a trajectory 
and/or a skew-T can be plotted as well.  Is there a good tutorial on formatting 
data so that it can be brought in as a Trajectory Sounding Database, or is 
there a different/better approach?  I tried to load the file as ascii text data 
and feel that the display types available with that approach will be too 

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The IDV can take some text files for the sounding data, but not for the trajectory display in the main view window. The COSMIC data is one of those not very well formatted netCDF file, and we need to add/calculate several attributes in the CDM library.