Re: [idvusers] Question about NetCDF export

Hi Murray,

This should work for any grid. For example, I downloaded a grib2 file from our THREDDS server, exported a field from the file to a netCDF file using the the EXPORT GRID/IMAGE TO NETCDF, and read the newly created netCDF file back into the IDV without any issues.

When your experiments with GRIB2 failed, did the IDV give you an error? If so, what was the error?



On 5/16/13 9:47 AM, Brown, Murray wrote:
I'm having no problem (yet) with DATA > FORMULAS > EXPORT > EXPORT GRID/IMAGE 
TO NETCDF, when the original source data appeared to be stored as NetCDF.  After just a 
few experiments with GRIB2 original sources, which failed, I need to know if the EXPORT 
function should work for any grid, regardless of original source, or only for original 
NetCDF data?  Thanks in advance for help.

Murray Brown
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