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So would "10" be >=7.5 and < 12.5 and then >=12.5 and < 17.5 for "15"?
I guess the question is, "which edge gets the "=" sign for inclusion in the 
binning?" ÂI assume the break points are included on one edge. (There I go 
again, making more assumptions! )

Thanks for your help,Â

Chris Herbster

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Professor Herbster,

We've been burned ourselves :-)

My notes say:

- a circle for calm winds (0 speed)
- a shaft with no barbs<= 2.5 knots
- a shaft with a half barb for > 2.5 and< 7.5 knots

Please let us know if you have further questions.

Best Wishes,

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On 4/16/13 3:02 PM, Chris Herbster wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Before I attempt to look through code that I don't know (in a language 
> I can barely read), can anyone help with a definitive answer to the 
> thresholds used to draw a "calm" circle around a station, a shaft with 
> no barbs, and then the 5 knot increment for the barbs? (I assume that 
> a "short barb" for "5 kts" is drawn is speed is >2.5 kts and <= 7.5, 
> but I have gotten burned by an assumption more than once in the past!)
> As always, any help is welcome!
> Thanks,
> Chris Herbster

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