Re: [idvusers] Displaying Locations in IDV


On 4/15/13 5:53 PM, Paul Graham wrote:
Hi Everyone,

A couple of issues with displaying custom locations, one possibly a bug:

1) When attempting to load a custom locations xml, as per,
I have found it is necessary to manually specify the Data Source Type as
"Locations".  Ie. It will not load correctly if you follow the default,
"I'm feeling lucky".
We may need to improve the "I'm feeling lucky" heuristic.

2) In a Globe View, displayed locations disappear when zooming in beyond a
certain point, regardless of the vertical positioning of the locations.
Upon zooming out, past that same zoom point, the locations return.  This
does not happen in Map View which behaves as expected (the locations are
present on all zoom levels).

For these zooming issues in the Map View, you can use the Projections > Use Displayed Area menu item to reset the projection ( But for the Globe View, you may have zoomed past the surface of the Earth or this may be a rendering bug for high zoom levels.

Best Wishes,

Unidata IDV Support