Re: [idvusers] IDV Jython, Append to Netcdf?


Rooting around GridUtil (, I don't see any obvious function for appending or concatenating two grids together. Plus, what does it mean to have multiple grids written to one netCDF file? I suspect you have to do it this the hard way by building a new FieldImpl with the grids in question and how you want them organized. Someone may know better than me. :-)


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On 4/12/13 1:58 AM, Paul Graham wrote:
Hi IDV'ers,

I'm using the 'exportGridToNetcdf' method to write a grid to a Netcdf file,

   exportGridToNetcdf(outField, "")

but I have more than one grid I want to write to the file.  Is there a way
I can use this method or is there another method I can use?  For example,
can I append to a Netcdf file?

Thanks in advance,

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