Re: [idvusers] Running IDV automated (batch)

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Subject: [idvusers] Running IDV automated (batch)
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2013 19:38:32 +0000
From: Bob Grieve <fusedbob@xxxxxxxxx>
To: idvusers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I am contemplating running the IDV as a utility to ingest grib and
generated model charts for a website. I appreciate to do so I would need to
use batch files and use the windows scheduler to call up the script(s)?

Can anyone enlighten me on this a little more and also how they have gone
about getting around the problem of the file names, ie the png naming on
the server? As is, running the IDV twice a day over a month would generate
many files in the directory. How have folks got around this so that only
the last chart generated is available to view on a website?

Hope I made some sense, I am not so good explaining things!
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In the windows env., it is easy and efficient to run the IDV automatically. We do have a user in CMA to generate over 1000 images in less than 6 minutes in a powerful desktop. Normally, you use the ISL script to run the IDV with pre- generated bundle or template. Regarding the file name issue, you can create a link of the newly coming grid file to a generic name like: "", and use the scheduler to run the script. Or, you can run the script and point to the different file each time. There are some document with more detail information here:

After generating thousands images, the best solution is to use the RAMADDA server the manage these files. You can publish the image to RAMADDA server directly from the IDV script, and you web page can link to the RAMADDA server.