Re: [idvusers] 20121026: Color-Shaded Covers Background Maps

A follow up questions...
Changing the map level or plot level also changes the perceived location of the map data. I.e. MSLP will be shifted west or east or north or south depending on the level of the map and level of the MSLP contours. Is there a way to account for/fix this change? I imagine something to do with the projection.


On 10/26/2012 1:06 PM, Tom Yoksas wrote:
Hi Chris,

I must be missing something here. When I load a model color-shaded plan
view (i.e. wind speeds), the shading covers the background map borders
no matter whether I click "bring to front" on the maps. Is there any way
to make it so that the borders can be seen OVER the shading?
You need to raise the level at which the background maps are being
plotted so they are above the color-shaded plan view:

Dashboard -> Displays tab -> Default Background Maps

Click on the Settings tab and play with the Map Position: either
by moving the slider or typing in a new vertical position in the
entry on the right hand side (followed by pressing the Enter key).


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