[idvusers] 20121027: 20121026: Color-Shaded Covers Background Maps

Hi Robert,

>I'm having the same problem when I want to plot model 1km AGL simulated
>radar reflectivity, with 925mb wind vectors overlaid. The vectors are
>buried under the radar reflectivity plot, and neither of those fields allow
>me to change the elevation.

How are you displaying each parameter?

>Turning off "Use 3D View" in preferences fixes
>that, but then I end up with the map being buried under everything else,
>with no way to change the elevation of the map.

I just plotted 925 Rapid Refresh wind barbs on top of a Color-shaded
Plan View of Rapid Refresh Maximum Composite Radar Reflectivity (both
from the THREDDS server on motherlode.ucar.edu in an attempt to emulate
what you are describing), and I have no problems adjusting the vertical
position of the reflectivity or wind vectors.

In order to better understand what you are experiencing, please create
a zidv bundle (so we can work with the exact data that you are) and
publish it to the RAMADDA server on motherlode.ucar.edu.



>On Fri, Oct 26, 2012 at 3:39 PM, Christopher McCray <mccraycd@xxxxxxxxx>wrote:
>> Thank you!
>> ~Chris
>> On 10/26/2012 1:06 PM, Tom Yoksas wrote:
>>> Hi Chris,
>>> re:
>>>> I must be missing something here. When I load a model color-shaded plan
>>>> view (i.e. wind speeds), the shading covers the background map borders
>>>> no matter whether I click "bring to front" on the maps. Is there any way
>>>> to make it so that the borders can be seen OVER the shading?
>>> You need to raise the level at which the background maps are being
>>> plotted so they are above the color-shaded plan view:
>>> Dashboard -> Displays tab -> Default Background Maps
>>> Click on the Settings tab and play with the Map Position: either
>>> by moving the slider or typing in a new vertical position in the
>>> entry on the right hand side (followed by pressing the Enter key).
>>> Cheers,
>>> Tom
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