Re: [idvusers] ISL w/data probe: Exporting text

On 10/18/2012 9:25 AM, Brendon Hoch wrote:

I'm looking to use ISL with the data probe for processing radar and
satellite imagery (pixel temperatures, dbz, etc).  From the first
example in section 7.1.7 in the IDV userguide:

it appears to be fairly straight forward to write a bundle + ISL script
which would open an image and be able to move the data probe to any
lat/lon location.

Interactively, one could go into the dashboard window and export probe
data from a radar or satellite image to a csv (text) file.  Is it
possible to perform this text exporting functionality as a command
within a ISL script?  Does anyone have an example of this?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


I don't think we can do this export csv in the ISL script at this moment. It would require some new APIs added to the IDV to go around those interactive steps in current IDV designs.