Re: [idvusers] Rapid Refresh model output

Hi Mike-

On 5/2/12 7:41 AM, Mike Umscheid wrote:
I have been using the motherlode server ( to get the RUC model
(20km version).  Now that the Rapid Refresh (RAP) has replaced the RUC,
this data isn't flowing anymore.  Is there a new place to access RAP data
for the IDV?  Particularly the 20km and/or 13km grids?  Thanks!

I believe the 20km grids that are listed as RUC are really now the RAP grids. NCEP was going to keep the same headers and model numbers so the transition would be seemless. I had a discussion with Unidata recently about this and they said they were just going to file the RAP grids as RUC for now. The 80km grids are not being sent anymore. You can access the other RAP products on motherlode from the IDV catalog:

Community Data Servers
 > Unidata Program Center Servers
   >Unidata THREDDS IDD Server (motherlode)
    > NCEP Model Data
      > Rapid Update Cycle (RUC) Model

under there, you can use the:

   > NCEP-RUC2-CONUS 13km
     > File Access

catalog to get at the latest and specific times.

It would be good to have Unidata update the idv/models.xml to remove the 80km and include the 13km for RAP. I'll send in a support request for this.

Don Murray