Re: [idvusers] selecting data region across 0 meridian

Dear Ethan, Don, others,

> Yes, the netCDF-Java Grid API is the obvious place to put this
> capability. The TDS option would be a nice addition but would be built
> on top of the netCDF-Java capabilities, so not a replacement for the
> Grid API.

thanks for discussing this in detail.  I would like to contribute if I
can, although I don't have any experience coding with the NetCDF-Java
interface so far.

I would be in favour of a generic solution, but I'm wondering if, in
this case, it isn't something that should go into IDV itself.  The
fact that a grid wraps and how to deal with it is something
application-domain specific.  NetCDF (theoretically) doesn't have to
contain earth grids.  There are other applications where the
functionality would make sense (direction axes), so it could be seen
as a generic dimension property (solve in NetCDF) or as something
earth-grid specific (solve in IDV).  If it's solved in NetCDF,
shouldn't it be solved in the base C library as well?

Ferret (noaa) has a similar problem, and solves it in the application
with a "modulo" flag for dimensions and recognition of specific lon
dimensions.  I'm not sure if they split requests in 2 when requesting
a small region, but I can find out if there's an interest.

Kind regards,


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