Re: [idvusers] time loop issues

Hi Dan-

On 2/3/12 4:17 PM, Tyndall, Dr. Dan, Contractor, Code 7531 wrote:
Hello fellow IDV users,

I'm having issues with the time looping in IDV. I have a bunch of NetCDF files 
with individual forecast hours, and I would like to be able to use the playback 
controls to be able to step through the grids. Unfortunately, the grids will 
stay up on the screen when they shouldn't.

I've already tried the "aggregate grids by time" option, which works to a 
point--provided the grid doesn't change, I can use the playback controls. However, if I 
have a nest following a hurricane, IDV fails to load the data. Are there any workarounds 
for this? I've found this issue come up in the IDVusers archive, although, they were 
brought up a while ago, so I am hoping there has been an update to the code to fix this. 

I'm not sure if this will work, but load in each dataset individually and then use the Forumala->Grid->Time Steps->Merge time sequences formula and select each dataset.

"Aggregate grids by time" uses netCDF-Java aggregation via NcML which assumes that all grids have the same spatial domain. If there is only one timestep per grid, the IDV will show the timestep on all frames. If the above suggestion doesn't work, could you could package up the files in a zip file and upload to:

and someone could look into a solution.

Don Murray