Re: [idvusers] Data Transect on 3D grid

I agree with Jeff that we could look into adding this, but for now, here's a way to do it:

- Load in your grid.
- Select the Formulas data source.
- Select the "Grids->Define a grid diagnostic"  formula
- Select the "Cross Section->Data Transect" display.

For the formulas, enter make2D(slice)

When the field selector pops up, select the field and the level that you want for the slice parameter.

That should create the display.

Don Murray

jeff mcwhirter wrote:
Levy,Ilan [Ontario] wrote:
I have a 3D grid (model output) and I'm trying to draw a Data Transect. However I do not have this option under the Probes display, only if I
choose one of the 2D grids (lat&lon).
What I want is a line plot of the grid values along a line at the
surface level.
I've tried this on IDV 2.7u2 and 2.8b1.

Right now the data transect display is only applicable to 2D gridded fields. I guess we could support 3D and allow the user to select a level like we do in the plan view displays.


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