Re: [idvusers] Grey images from IDV with isl - fixed

Hi Stu-

Thanks for looking into this and keeping others informed. It's good to see the list being used as a community resource for help and information. I'd be interested to know if the newer Xvfb works with the newer Java 3D. Have you tried that? The older version of Java 3D is pretty fragile and does not support a lot of the new memory reducing enhancements in later versions.


Stuart Wier wrote:
A fix to the gray field value colors made with isl control on a Redhat centOS Linux headless server is to use a newer version of Xvfb, 4.8.0, run as /.../xvfb4.8.0/bin/Xvfb :9 -screen 0 1280x1024x24.

A data display using this process is This is a plan view of seismic tomography model MITP_USA_2008 at 100 km depth.

Download the XVFB file from

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