[idvusers] 20091103: IDV 2.8 requires Java 6

Hi all-

As noted in the Release Notes for IDV 2.7u2, that is the last release which will support the use of Java 5. IDV 2.8 (including the current nightly builds) requires Java 6. For most operating systems, Java 6 or higher has been available at the default for several years. On Mac OS-X 10.5, Java 5 is the default except for the new Snow Leopard (10.6) release.

For those IDV users running on Mac OS-X 10.5, you can upgrade your Java version either by installing Snow Leopard, or by installing the Java update avaiable at:


Please note that Java 6 is only available for Intel based Macs and that the update above only works on 64 bit systems. If you have a 32-bit Intel based Mac, you can get Java 6 by upgrading to Snow Leopard.

If you install Java from the update, you'll need to make it your default Java:

To find and/or update your default Java version, follow these steps:
1. Open the "Java Preferences" application located in /Applications/Utilities
2. Look for "Java SE 6" in the "Java Applications" section
3. The version at the top of the "Java Applications" list is the version being used by IDV. If "Java SE 6" is not at the top of the list, click and drag it to the top of the list (using the 64-bit option, if available), and you are ready to run IDV. If "Java SE 6" is not in the "Java Applications" list, you may need to manually run the Software Update feature in the Apple Menu to add it to the list.

If you have any questions, please contact IDV User Support (support-idv@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

The IDV team