Re: [idvusers] Soundings from global grib file

Hi Kevin --

Just to clarify, you picked a global GRIB model run (?) in the
chooser, and then in the Field Selector, you selected a "3D grid ->
Derived -> Sounding Data (with true winds)" .. and then clicked
"Display"?  If so, then I can say this:  the IDV does not "make" a
sounding at every grid point; rather, it reads the 3D grids
(temperature, dewpoint or RH, and u- and v-components, if you chose
wind as well) for all times, into memory -- depending on the number of
grid points and levels, this can consume lots of memory.  When you
move the probe to a point, you get the sounding diagram filled in with
the grid point data.

If your grids are large, or you have a large number of levels and/or
time steps, you might consider a regional subsect _before_ you
"Display" the data to limit the data in memory.....just look in the
tabbed panel in the lower-right of the Dashboard when you pick the

I cannot answer the question of how to specify the pointer location,
in the interactive mode -- other than dragging it to a point.   You
might look at displaying the special "Location" marker and sharing
it's location with the sounding probe......or something along those
lines.  Hopefully someone else has the answer...


On Fri, Oct 30, 2009 at 2:47 PM, Havener Kevin Civ 14WS/WXED
<Kevin.Havener@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I want to derive soundings from a global grib file.  The data source
> seems OK, IDV at least offers me the option to plot a sounding.  But I
> can't figure out how to specify the lat/lon, and IDV spins off until it
> consumes all the memory on the Java heap, apparently in a misguided
> attempt to derive a sounding for the whole world.
> Similarly, how do you set the location of the probe function?  I've once
> or twice gotten this to succeed, and after the plot is drawn a dialogue
> appears where I can type a new lat/lon after the first random appearance
> of the probe.  Am I missing a dialogue/option somewhere or what?
> Kevin Havener
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