Re: [idvusers] Plotting Multi-Sensor Precipitation Estimate (MPE)

Hi Stavros-

Stavros Karapanos wrote:
I am dealing the same problem that has been described by Hans Olandersson at

None of the replies that had been posted worked.

Any updated suggestions?

I tried loading in the files avaiable from:

and was able to plot them in IDV 2.7u2 with the following caveats:

- There appear to be multiple projections in the files. This may be the result of bad decoding, but we'll look into that. However, the IDV does not handle grib files with multiple projections very well. This is a known issue and really only affect what is shown in the Data Subset panel. - Apparently, the tables the Java grib decoder uses do not contain all the variable and level definitions. I'll pass this along to the grib decoder group at Unidata for investigation. - I loaded in the 2D grid->Quantitative_products->proj1->Instantaneous_Rain_Rate @ Unknown-9999_layer as a Color Shaded Plan View. The default for this parameter uses a range of -1 to 10 and the radar rainfall color table. The range of the data is much less than 10, so I selected the Edit->Color Table->Change Range menu from the control and use the Use Predefined->From All Data option to set the range to the range of the data. - As HP Roseli noted in the thread above, these are large grids (2300x2300) so they take a while (and a lot of memory) to display unless you subset them. You can use the stride widget in the Data Subset, but the map projection is not correct because of the other projection in the file.

We'll look into the grib issues but I don't have a quick solution to the multiple projection issue.

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