Re: [idvusers] Using idv for LES visualization

Phil --

The main display window is "geo-located"; however, there is the option
to display the data in the "Omni Viewer" -- this is, essentially, one
cell of the VisAD spreadsheet.  In this display mode, you can define
the mappings from your data's domain and range components, to various
components of the "cell".  I'm not familiar with "les simulations",
but if they have a "time" domain, you would also have the options to

I'm also not aware of any CF structures that are designed for
non-geolocated data; however, a simple mapping in a netCDF file can
probably be read by the "I'm still feeling lucky" option in the File
Chooser, and then use the Omni Viewer.

Hope that helps....

On Thu, Sep 3, 2009 at 4:34 PM, Phil Austin<paustin@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I'd like to move from VIS5d to IDV for small domain les simulations
> (6km x 6km x 4km at 25m^3 resolution).  Vis5d defines
> (projection 0 = linear, rectangular, generic units)
> which avoids the cost of converting/distortion in going from
> native x,y to a particular map projection.  Is it possible
> to do something similar in IDV?  Are there any examples
> of, say, cf-netcdf metadata that would be best-suited for
> high spatial resolution/small domain fields?
> thanks, Phil
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