[idvusers] 20090714: Update to IDV 2.7u1

Happy Bastille Day!

The IDV 2.7u1 release has been recompiled and refreshed to be backward compatible with systems still running Java SE 5 (aka Java 1.5). You can download the release at:


This is being done to support Mac OS-X users since the default version of Java on that platform is Java 5 and there is no Java SE 6 for older PPC systems. For Intel based Macs, Java 6 is available at:


Unfortunately, Apple does not plan to support Java 6 on the older systems.

This will be the last release to support Java SE 5. Sun has announced that Java SE 5 support will end in October which means it will not provide updates (e.g. security fixes) after that date. All the IDV installers have been including Java 6 since IDV 2.6 and Java 6 has been available on most platforms for over 2 1/2 years. There are features of Java SE 6 that we would like to use to improve the capabilities of the IDV. Also, the underlying netCDF-Java library will be using Java 6 for it's next release in September which will require us to move completely to Java 6.

We understand that this will impact some IDV users. Unfortunately, security concerns, reliance on other packages and new features in Java 6 require that we move to the current version of Java.

The IDV Developers.