[idvusers] 20090713: IDV 2.7u1 available for download

Hi All-

IDV 2.7 update 1 (2.7u1) is available for download at:


This is a bugfix for some issues that arose in the 2.7 release.
Bugs fixed in this release include:

    * 2.7 unable to read WRF ARW output
    * Exception when sharing probe positions
    * Unable to read in saved text point data source
    * Updated web cam links and locations
    * Updated to netCDF-Java
    * Fix gate size problem when loading multiple Level III/TDWR products
    * Fix problem with missing values in grib data

Please note that if you installed the plugin with the WRF ARW fix, you can remove it after installing IDV 2.7u1.

For further information, see the release notes at:


Please report any problems to support-idv@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The IDV Developers