[idvusers] 20080625: IDV 2.7 available for download

Hi all-

Version 2.7 of the Integrated Data Viewer (IDV) is now available for download at:

New features in this release:

1.0 System Changes
  1.1. Last version to support Java 5
  1.2. Use of non-alpha netCDF 4.0 library
  1.3. Parallel Data Reading and Rendering
2.0 Display Changes
  2.1. Fast Rendering by default
  2.2. New display for RHI data
  2.3. 3D Hodograph and Table Readout of Soundings
3.0 Data Changes
  3.1. UF Radar data reading
  3.2. First guess grid for Objective Analysis
  3.3. Export data to netCDF
  3.4. Import of text point data
4.0 User Interface Changes
  4.1. Color Table Editor
  4.2. New Display Settings widget
  4.3. Data Chooser Changes

See the release notes at:


for more information.

Please send any comments, questions or problems to support-idv@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


The IDV Developers